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Domestic Supply

domestic water cartage

Domestic Water Cartage

Adelaide Hills Water Transport provides a domestic water cartage service. Our trucks deliver 9000 litres per load, with no tank being too large or too small for us to fill.

With our company being registered with SA Health and regular testing being carried out, the crystal clear fresh water coming directly from SA Water mains means you can have confidence that our water cartage services delivers the highest quality water for you and your family.

Our trucks being small in size lets us get into those hard to reach tight places, and just in case there is that odd job that we cannot get close to, all our trucks carry enough hose to reach any tank that may be almost out of reach.

If you have water in another location that you may need shifted; Adelaide Hills Water Transport can assist with water transfer as well. Our trucks are self-sufficient and can self-load for speedy transfer of water between tanks or properties alike.

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Our water cartage services are available throughout the Adelaide Hills and surrounding areas. Contact us today!

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